P3O® Foundation in English

This course provides you with knowledge of the approaches, guidance and practical tools to establish an effective support, assurance and strategic planning function in an organisation based on the “”Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices – P3O”” best practice guidance.

The course will enable you to define a support framework and recognise your organisation’s P3O maturity level.

Learning Objectives

  • Confirm the different approaches organisations use to manage change – through Portfolio, Programme, Project and Risk Management
  • Understand the relationship between Business as Usual and Business change and how they help realise strategic objectives
  • Know the high level ‘model’ of support, assurance and governance arrangements and the factors to consider when sizing an ‘office’
  • Understand how an organisation’s P3O maturity will affect the implementation or improvement of P3O deployment
  • Understand the best practice view of the support and assurance activities of P3Os and how they can extract value from business change
  • Prepare and take the P3O Foundation exam

Course Benefits

Participating in this course will enable you to define strategies and actions to address the common questions posed by business leaders, managers, operational and change delivery staff: “”are we making the right changes?””, “”are we getting business benefits from the changes?”” and “”are we executing changes in the right way and well?”

Participant Profile

This course is relevant if you are have corporate or senior management responsibility over your organisation’s portfolio of change and seek to improve current costly or ineffective approaches to Programme and Project Management. You are involved in corporate strategy/business planning, portfolio management, senior business management, Portfolio/Programme/Project Office management; or have a functional role within Programmes/Project offices.

Course Preparations

Approximately three weeks before course start, you will receive the P3O manual and a pre-course workbook including exercises. The pre-course workbook consists of exercises and recommended reading in the manual. We recommend that you spend between 15 and 20 hours going through the pre-course work book prior to your participation in the course.

Course Structure

The course is held as an intensive 3-day course without overnight accommodation. The course runs from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Please notice that evening work will be required.

As participant you are expected and encouraged to contribute actively during the course activities which will alternate between practical exercises and theoretical reviews.

On Day Three of the course, the Foundation exam is held. The Foundation exam consists of a multiple choice paper of 75 questions. 5 of these are trial questions which do not count in you result. In order to pass the exam, you must have 35 correct answers out of the remaining 70. You will receive your exam result immediately after the exam. Upon a successful result, you will subsequently receive your certificate by mail.

Course Content

  • Run the business, change the business:
    • Organisation approaches to change via Portfolio, Programme and Project approaches. Managing business change in relation to ‘Business as Usual’ and stable operations
  • The elements of Portfolio, Programme and Project offices
    • A high level outline model of ‘office’ organisation. Different ways of deploying P3O features to extract value
  • A Business Case for a P3O; why do things differently, how to sell the idea. How an appropriate P3O deployment adds value to the organisation. Understanding the different interests of the users of P3O services. Principles of measuring P3O performance and the development of appropriate KPIs
  • Designing and tailoring your P3O
    • P3O deployment and factors to consider when designing your own ‘model’. Organisational arrangements – reporting, ownership and level of the P3O
  • Implementing a P3O; how do we do it? Implementation using a Programme approach; key activities; using a ‘Blueprint’.
    • Guidance on creating temporary P3Os (e.g. for individual Programmes or Projects)
  • Best practice tools and techniques
    • Tools to provide collaborative or integrative effect and support P3O work.Management Dashboards, Knowledge Management, and Business Process Swim lanes
  • Organisation; responsibilities, roles and management arrangements for an effective P3O
    • Explore the different roles needed; management, generic and functional. Defining key Management and Generic & Functional roles; skills and competences


Trainers and course materials are accredited.

The course and exam is held in English.

Price Includes

  • The official P3O manual
  • P3O Pre-course Workbook
  • Comprehensive course materials useful as a reference guide after the course
  • P3O Foundation and Practitioner exams
  • Lunch, tea and coffee during the course

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