Presentation Skills in English

Ideal for those giving stand-up presentations, pitches, conferences, briefings and other formal speaking situations.

Outcome from this course:

Through attending this course, you can reinforce your:

  • Impact and dissemination ability
  • Self-reliance and ability to reduce nervousness
  • Ability to use different techniques and tools
  • Presentation technique and ability to stay on track
  • Ability to create good contact with the audience
  • Possibility to use own strengths
  • Ability to sell yourself, your skills and results and inspire others.


  • Preparation of presentations.
  • Methods to deal with nervousness.
  • Structures for different situations.
  • Effective opening and closing.
  • The importance of different intermediation levels.
  • The meaning of the body language.
  • Create engagement with the audience.
  • Dynamic contact with participants at your presentation.
  • Handling of difficult listeners.
  • Using PowerPoint, Flip-Over and Whiteboard.
  • To sell, motivate and convince through presentations.
  • Training in presentation technology through various exercises.


The course is conducted as an interaction between short presentation and training through practical exercises. You will not be united on the course, but choose which techniques and tools are most useful in your work situations. We will make a video with one of your presentations, so you can see your own presentation and feedback on it later.

Course content:

Creative content

  • How to make your material more creative, relevant and exciting to your audience.


  • Powerpoint in a visual and creative way.
  • How to use powerpoint in business presentations and a sneak peek at visual alternatives.

Nerves, presence and passion

  • How do you handle nerves? How do you achieve presence? How do you use your breaks, passion and personality in your presentation?

Feedback and Video

  • Troughout the course you will be filmed several times. It will give you the opportunity to see yourself in action and receive visual feedback. You will get useful feedback from the other participants and the instructor.

Body Language

  • Physical preperation and improvement of your body language by using theater techniques. You will get constructive feedback throughout course.

Voice coaching and breathing

  • How to improve your voice so you can create the desired energy. Breathing techniques.

Confidence and convincing

  • Techniques and focus on how you will get more confidence and a more convincing appearance.

Spontaneous communication

  • What is spontaneous communication? Tips for preparing under time pressure.

Planning and structuring

  • Preparation techniques. How to prepare and structure a presentation as good as possible?

Course program:

The course program is influenced by the wants and needs of the participants. The specific content and cases depends on the current requests.

The following is an example of how a program might look.

Day 1:

Kl. 9.00 – 12.30

  • Business presentation to camera + feedback.
  • In the morning, we will focus on spontaneous communication. In front of the camera you will get to do a presentation typical of your work. While watching the result, you will get feedback on what to focus on and receive tips on how to achieve your ambitions.

Kl. 13.15 – 17.00

  • Preparation, planning and PowerPoint.
  • Focus is on preparation techniques, including planning and structuring a presentation. You will get tools and tips on how to use the best of PowerPoint.
  • Using techniques from theater and film, you will learn how to prepare yourself physically by applying body language, vocal pitching and breathing exercises.

Day 2:

Kl. 9.00 – 12.00

  • Presentation and feedback.
  • All participants will prepare a presentation on which they will get feedback.

Kl. 12.45 – 16.00

  • Nerves, presence and passion.
  • Practical exercises on how to overcome nerves. We will look at how to use breaks successfully in presentations and the effect of speaking with passion. And most importantly how personality shows in presentations. We end the day with a final presentation to the camera.