VMware vCenter Operations Manager: Advanced Usage and Dashboard Design [V5.x]


Note this class is delivered using electronic books ONLY; you will either need one of the following to complete this course: one 23\" monitor, two smaller monitors, an android tablet or an IOS tablet in order to see the manual and execute the lab. No printed material will be provided with this class. You will receive a redemption code with instructions on how to download the eBook no later than 3 days before the class is scheduled to start. Please ensure this is complete before the class starts.


System administrators and consultants responsible for customizing vCenter Operations Manager to expand from the vSphere user interface to a customized environment


Knowledge from the vCenter Operations Manager: Analyze and Predict course, including:

  • Installing and configuring basic settings in vCenter Operations Manager
  • Logging  in and using the vSphere user interface of vCenter Operations Manager
  • Identifying the difference between badges and metrics

Course objectives

  • Identify the capabilities of adapters, their use cases, availability, and installation.
  • Describe super metrics, attributes, attribute packages, and object tagging.
  • Manage user access to the Custom UI of VMware vCenter Operations Manager.
  • Work with smart alerts and custom alert notification.
  • Use custom dashboards to build specific views for operations and application monitoring.
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Course Introduction

  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives

vCenter Operations Manager Advanced Architecture

  • Introduce vCenter Operations Manager architecture
  • Explain sizing guidelines
  • Describe vCenter Operations Manager availability and backup

Adapters for Data Collection

  • Understand adapters
  • Identify available adapters
  • Install and configure adapters
  • Troubleshoot adapters

Metrics and Super Metrics

  • Understand metrics
  • Configure and use super metrics

Applications, Attribute Packaging, KPIs, and Tags

  • Introduce the application design concept in vCenter Operations Manager
  • Configure and use attribute packages and KPIs
  • Create tags and groups


  • Introduce custom dashboards
  • Manage widgets
  • Manage interactions
  • Manage templates

Smart Alerts and Custom Alerts

  • Work with and troubleshoot alerts
  • Configure alert notifications 

User and Role Management

  • Manage user and role permissions for the vSphere UI
  • Manage user and group permissions for the Custom UI


  • Identify the basic troubleshooting workflows
  • Understand Self Info and self-monitoring of vCenter Operations Manager
  • Examine the Support page in the Custom UI
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